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The Artist 


Mitra Forouzan

Raised in the art-centric capital of Iran, the legendary artist Mitra Forouzan convey her rich cultural background in each creation. Through her artwork, she explores the poetic nature of life and dreams, "bringing forth evocative themes and shadowy emotions in powerful, yet delicate imagery." (Shulamit Nazarian) As an artist of extraordinary skill, Mitra's profound understanding of technique and composition truly delineate her expertise in the field.


Mitra Forouzan began her studies of fine art at Tehran University and soon moved to Los Angeles where she studied fine art and architecture at the University of Southern California. She then continued her studies of fine art at Immaculate Heart College, where she graduated with honors. Shortly after completing her education, Mitra published her first illustrated book. And, thus, her life-long infatuation with art was born. 

This infatuation enabled her to created enough work to last a lifetime. In addition to teaching art courses throughout the years, Mitra has spoken at various functions, providing viewers with a glimpse of her creative process. Countless shows and galleries have presented her work, each event increasing the public's demand for more. 

Mitra is currently based in Los Angeles, California. 

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